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Exclusive firearms training for women and couples

Ferguson Firearms Training is primarily focused on teaching firearms courses and personal security courses to women and couples. We offer exclusive classes to those that are new to firearms and personal security. We teach in your home or in the home of a friend so that the environment is not intimidating. We use training ranges that are close to you so that you start to feel comfortable in your new endeavor. Owning a firearm and taking responsibility for your personal security is intimidating, so our training is focused on removing as much fear as possible. By the end of our training sessions, you will have the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to confidently own and operate a firearm. Check out our online content, and call to begin your personalized training! 832-514-1952

  • Training range time is crucial!

Ferguson Firearms training team

We're real people, with real families who love to teach personal and firearms security

Eddie ferguson

Eddie is retired from the US Air Force. He has a Masters in Security Management, and he was a security manager at the US embassy in Italy. He is an NRA Instructor, and a Texas DPS certified License to Carry a Handgun Instructor. He loves teaching, and has a passion for empowering people.

helen ferguson

Helen is British, a mom, and former State Department employee, so her natural tendency is not towards firearms. In today’s world, though, it’s good to have the training and confidence to protect yourself. She is an NRA Instructor, and pursuing her LTC Instructor certificate.

Dawn Wooley

Dawn is fairly new to handguns, but has been shooting rifles and shotguns her whole life. This adds a unique perspective when she teaches other new shooters, and she has helped several women become more confident. Dawn is an NRA Instructor, and is pursuing her LTC Instructor certificate.